Labyrinth: Hell on Earth [8.9/10]


All you peeps out there that didn't bother to watch me on Ustream will get to read this wondrous review of Labyrinth: Hell on Earth here on the web! This little wonder is a Dark, Futuristic, Religon... and some other good stuffs... RP all rolled up into one. Like a Wonder Ball! What's inside it? Who knows, lets eat the chocolate together!

So the AD for the site, I would have liked to see their name in the title.. so I could find it, but otherwise I love the little cartoon to make it look like ye olde cartoon times. Anyway the AD is good overall and there is a trailer for it but I really am not a big fan of trailers unless they're made by the owner with original content and not just a bunch of clips mashed together.

So.. it's time to go onward to the review! ... What, you want a semi-funny joke to segway in? Fine... What's blue and smells like red paint? BLUE PAINT! NOW ONWARDS TO THE REVIEW!

First Impression:
The secret is in the frosting, but I'll never tell! Anyway the layout is nice and compact, things appear and disappear... and then appear again.

The Public Area:
The first thing that comes to my mind as I read these pages is that the text should probably be justified, and the paragraphs I would maybe like them spaced out. Other than that it looks like it's overall fine. Truthfully though as I've read through all the pages at this point there isn't much for me to say except for I would suggest to justify the text. So lets move onwards to the next portion of the review maybe I'll have something to bash on in there! Oh wait, there is one small thing... the guest link doesn't work for me! I have to manually type in the guest/guest combination.

The Application:
The application is easy and simple, most of the profile work is done in the site.

The Private Area:
Layout Change Tiiime! Now there's another lady, but looks like she'll do more than just tell you that secret... she'll get you all cool with that fan! Anyway it looks fine, you can still see the news header in initial screen load so I don't really have a problem with all the things being so large. I don't see any private pages to look at but I would like to point out that the butterfly is a link back to the home page!

Good amount of forums here, as well as the descriptions they have the hotlinks going down but none going back up so I'd maybe like to see that. Also I see there are special marking for who can go in where and whatnot, so if there's a way to make that more prominent I think that will help in the long run.

For the member list you get a list of pictures for each person on the site! This actually is something on what I consider to be ideal, you don't REALLY need to know post count and the last time they logged in. (Well the admins might but they have their own function in the admin section) All you School RPs out there take notice: Make your memberlist like a yearbook! Looks fancy and I think it's something rather new.

The member profiles are fancy with the whole javascript of things collapsing and such, maybe the basic portion could be automatically expanded since it is just the basic stuff. Oh and the member image changing thing is nice as well, just click the arrow and another picture! Lots of fun Javascript on the site... man if the code messes up I bet somebody dies in the mess of code.

From what I read on the site I categorize the roleplaying on the site to be Intermediate to Advanced.

Rating: 8.9 out of 10 Points.

Overall the site is great, little things here and there and lots of flashy Javascript. If you haven't noticed lately, the trend is if I have less to say and I'm more "filler writing" then you're getting a better score. It's just how it works, but anyway... just a few things here and there that I had problems with and some of them apparently are unable to be worked around so you'll just have to deal with it.

As I've decided to not have any duplicate scores once I hit 9.0, this is where Labyrinth shall stand. So Naveluce continues to be the 9.0 to beat, but this was VERY close. Get on that bilge Naveluce or else your 9.0 ship will be sunk soon...

This Site has the Jello Seal of Approval!

Reviewed by: The Jello Emperor