Woof [7.0/10]


Greetings and salutations to all! As I promised here is the review that is LONG overdue, I suppose you'll have to forgive me for being a little rusty as I've been thrown into the lovely world of college and school work once again. BUT FEAR NOT! I shall move forward on with this little blog of mine and rate where no Jello Emperor has rated before!

... And now with that little thing out of the way... WOOF! No, I mean the site Woof! This site is probably the first werewolf site I've rated, yes I said werewolf. Wolves and horses are aplenty but werewolves I haven't seen much of personally so this will be a good venture for us all.

So the AD here, is fairly basic which is fine and I see they have site stats and such and overall I have no problems with a basic AD. It seems though that there are parts where it looks like a new paragraph and I'm a stickler for indenting those paragraphs but I think that it would just make it look a little nicer.

But toss your garlic necklaces into the trash bin because this is Werewolf county, punk! Grab your silver coins for good luck and walk softly and carry a large silver sword right into the review! (Jello points to anyone who gets that reference...)

First Impression:
Quick little personality test! Take a look at the wolf picture, is he looking away from you or looking at you? Post in the comments and let me know!

Anyway, the layout looks nice and neat and I have no problems with anything. The site it self makes good use of screen real estate while still framing it to look nice.

The Public Area:
Rules page is overall fine, I do have a nitpick though. I'm not a fan of curse words in the public area, as it is public. Do whatever you want in the private parts but when you're creating an image for yourself keep it acceptable for a parent to peek at.

(Also, there are various spelling errors: Ralphie in rule one, lightning in rule two.)

Ranks page is fine.

Dynamics page is overall fine, just various spelling and grammar errors strewn about the page.

The Application:
Your standard application, so not much to say about it.

The Private Area:
Layout Chaaaange! Well, actually it's more like an expansion but nonetheless the layout is still simple and provides everything you need on initial screen load. The space is used again efficiently so I have no problems.

There is very little information that's new in the private area, site setting and pack meetings and such so most of the info you need is in the public area.

Good amount of forums and nice descriptions and of course I love the hot links, overall I have no problems with the forums. I do like how the forum posts look like speech bubbles though.

The member list looks nice, divided by user level and avatar pictures for both the human and wolf counterparts along with general user stats.

The member profiles look nice and organized, are all the fields are generally filled out with the ones that I looked at.

From what I read on the forums I categorize the roleplaying on this site to be Intermediate to High Intermediate.

Rating: 7.0 out of 10 Points

Overall it looks to be a good site, takes advantage of the site layout well but even though I haven't rated many werewolf sites I didn't really see much innovation or something that would pull me into joining and fleshing out a character.

So concludes my foray back into the reviewing world, hopefully many more will be showing up!

Reviewed by: The Jello Emperor