Arcadia [9.2/10]


Howdy, howdy, howdy! How are ya? It's time for another review on this fine.... Saturday? Yes! Real life is always a bother at times so this review is coming on a wondrous Saturday! Hopefully these random extension days won't happen very often but enough about myself, you're here to read about Arcadia, a Pern RP!

Now I first let me say I know very very little about Pern, and have never RP'ed on a Pern website. So if I harp on something that makes total sense in the Pern world then feel free to laugh at my lack of knowledge and move on! (Pern is dragons, right?)

The AD for the site is nice and neat and this site is already after my own heart. "You don't need to know Pern" , well I'll fit right in! And this is a good example of even if you don't have a pretty image, your AD can be just as good or even much better than one with a flashy image.

Lets hop on our dragons, fry up that evil aristocrat and... YOUR WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED!!! It's time for the review! (Yes... my dragon reference was from DBZ. I told you I don't know Pern!)

First Impression:
Is this a scene from Gladiator? This looks like the Fields of Elysium. Anyway, the layout looks nice enough I personally would have preferred it if it was a bit smaller but it looks like the owner was trying to use up all the space which is fine.

The Public Area:
There's lots of information but I must say, I FINALLY KNOW WHAT THREADS ARE! I've looked at some other Pern sites before but for some reason the explanation of what the heck "Thread" is absent. Also everything is nice and neatly organized and its nice to see all this detail.

In the ranks portion of the information, I would like to have seen the actual rank names in bold, in the previous pages (to this point) there has been bolding so it seems odd to not have any on this page.

In the Dragon Descriptions I really like how you posted the colors, some of them are a bit hard to make out because of the background BUT I still love the idea.

The Application:
You get the rules and application guide before you can apply which is a good idea, and I have no problems with any of it. So to the actual application!

As like the site is, the application is neat and organized, having OOC, Character and Dragon sections.

The Private Area:
Layout Change! Everything again, looks nice and neat and everything appears to be on the the initial page load. There isn't any extra pages in the private area that I can see, but all the info you need is in the public area which is great (aside from like the Firelizards and Calendar page).

The forums (as expected!) are nice, and organized well. I would have liked to see some sort of jumping between areas or using a script to divide and show only certain areas. Also the descriptions of the area are both in the forum list and the topic list which is something I've never seen before.

The Member list is nice and yet very simple, and of course is neat so it works well with the theme of the whole site.

Member profiles are very nice, giving you information in sections and using code to only display the certain portions you want. This also goes for the dragons, so it's like a section in a section with a section in a section....? It's good, that's all that matters!

From what I read on the forums I categorize the roleplaying on this site to be Intermediate to High Intermediate.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10 Points.

For those wondering on how this affects the rankings I'm bumping everyone else up a point. Consider it a "Mini Score Review" but this site deserves a spot in the top! There isn't really much bad I can say about the site except for the forums not living up to the rest of the greatness. So there you have it, another site reaches the 9's. This Pern site has a bright future so join it TODAY! ... I'll post the bunny picture again if you do!

This Site has the Jello Seal of Approval!

Reviewed by: The Jello Emperor


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