Serenity [6.7/10]


It's Tuesday so that means it's time for another Jello Review! Sorry I don't have an in-depth movie reference or random TV reference for today's site, but that's because today's site is... Serenity! And no, I'm not talking about the blind girl from the Yu-Gi-OH series (Hah! Got one in there!). Today site is another foray into the world of horses, herds, and territories.

First off I'd like to apologize if I start coming off a bit harsh, I've been battling illness so my annoyance levels are already high with coughing every 3 seconds. But anyway, the AD starts of honest in admitting that an equine RP isn't the most original! As always I skipped down to the bullet points first before reading the text, and so far it seems like every newer horse RP out there. Point system, herds, etc. I think the ability to be a domesticated or wild horse is new... but truthfully I lack the expertise to fully know.

Now put on those boots cowboy, saddle up and lets ride off into the sunset! .... After you read the review of course, of course, which this special horse will endorse, of course, the famous Mr. Ed!

First Impression:
Tornado!! Antonio Banderas was looking for you! The only problems I see are rather small. I see no link back to the index page and the other one small thing I have is that I shouldn't have tried to read the blurry text on the main image, made my eyes hurt a bit.

The Public Area:
The About page I always love these pages, and not because I'm a closed in outcast of the social world and love to keep track of people I can talk to of the opposite gender.

(What? I go outside... when the sun goes down, SOMETIMES...)

But I feel that these pages help connect with members a bit because knowing a little information about the admins makes them seem a bit more down to earth which is both good and bad.

Rules page is fine except for one part, where you talk about posting images and stuff. Those who lack any HTML knowledge will not know to take out the asterisks so you should probably tell them to. (I realize some people can deduce to take out the asterisks but if you've read my reviews before you know my faith in humanity is lacking.)

The Application:
It's nice and simple, so pretty much what you would expect from an application.

The Private Area:
Artax did you run away from Atreyu AGAIN?! And layout change! It seems like the links are kinda squished together here though, most notably in the recent posts section. I suppose there really isn't much you can do about that though. I suppose it's funny to note that I had to look through the links twice because I forgot "boards" is another way to say "forums."

I see a few pages in the private area but I cannot access them so I can't go over their point system or anything. Going over the point system is probably what I was most looking forward to actually, but no matter we'll just move onto the next section!

There is a good amount of forums with good descriptions, but it's just one giant text wall of pain. There is no separation between areas and like I said it's all one continuous text-fest. Again it seems everything is squished in a little area so perhaps an expansion of the layout is needed to benefit the site as a whole.

The member list is just your basic list, not really anything done here to spruce it up. So probably something to look into.

The member profiles are at least organized very well because as I picked some random profiles there weren't filled out at all.

From what I read on the forum I categorize the roleplaying on this site to be Intermediate to Advanced.

Rating: 6.7 out of 10 Points

First of all make note that I'm giving them a bit of slack, compensating a bit for my irritability while being ill. Most likely if I was able to see the point system it would be a solid or close to 7 rating. Overall the site seems to be in the cookie cutter mold of horse RPs. I'm not really saying this is bad, but I didn't really see anything new or exciting on the site.

Reviewed by: The Jello Emperor


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