Water Frontier [7.3/10]


Space: The Final Frontier, these are the voyages of the Starship Jello-prise. Its everlasting mission, to bring order to the Acornrack world. To seek out new innovative RP ideas. To boldly rate all sites where no man has gone before.

*cue Star Trek:TNG theme*

Okay, okay that was a long intro but it DOES tie into today's review of a RP site called Water Frontier! This is a space cowboy or space pirate RP that will probably cater to the fans of the anime Outlaw Star or Cowboy Bebop and if you're not sure what those are perhaps you should read a review of it... from a certain group on AR tentatively called The Acornrack Anime Rangers (That means the name might be changed!), that a certain someone is contributing on.

Anyway, the AD for the site is nice enough. The picture is neat and the story block is.. well a story block. This site really does remind me of Outlaw star kind of... but maybe that's because I just watched it a few days ago.

See you Space Cowboy... as we hyperjump into the review!

(I know you were waiting for that one!)

First Impression:
I'm starting to get thirsty... But I think this is one of the few sites that has a more light color scheme, and to me it kinda looks like a website for a water plant. If you don't read any of the text anyway, like "Water Fronter: Your leading water purifier and provider in the Arizona area!" (No I don't live in Arizona) For me the layout seems a bit too stiff but for some it may work.

The Public Area:
For me the little blurb on the Index page is what I would have put on the AD, and used what's on the AD for the main story section for the site. Maybe it's just me but ADs that are short and sweet always seem to be much better in the long run because it's an advertisement and not a thesis.

Ranks page, there isn't really a problem here just that I was surprised that since this is a sort of a "Wild Wild Space" RP I was surprised to not find a rogue or freelancer rank. Someone who takes on jobs that are too political for mainstream companies that would damage sponsors and whatnot.

Rules page, one of my favorite pages because I get to whine a bunch! So here we go! Rule number one! You say use realism and then pull out the eye color thing, and talk about technology in the same paragraph. So have multicolored contacts is a no-no? Or a formerly blind man from an accident who has robotic eyes that happen to reflect and act as a mini-prism! I'd argue that mankind would invent cosmetic luxuries before decent space ships any day.

And I'd probably rather play an alien of some kind instead of a human in a space RP, because it's spaaaace! So perhaps you should look into that as a suggestion.

Otherwise everything else looks fine.

The Application:
Neat and organized and generally your standard gambit. However, the RP sample actually has a small backstory so you're not just thrown into a whirling poop-storm of confusion and misery! So nice touch there.

The Private Area:
Layout stays the same more or less just the addition of the cbox on the left hand side if you look at the picture. Anyway there isn't any private pages to look at that I see so we shall move onto the next section!

Good amount of forums and descriptions and I like the divisions and pictures and things. Overall all is good, no problems here!

Member list is a little different in that you just see the avatar picture with their name underneath and their rank and faction while being sorted into pirates, tankers, or civillians.

Member profiles are generally filled out well and organized nicely also. but more or less the same as you'd see in any decent site.

From what I read on the forums I categorize the roleplaying on thie site to be Intermediate to Advanced.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Points.

Overall a good site and even though it's taking on a genre that I don't see much of, it's what exactly I'd expect it to be. Which means I'm saying there isn't anything I found to be outstanding or anything that made think, "I didn't think about doing it like that." or anything of the sort. Probably a huge hit with any Cowboy Bebop or Outlaw Star fans though.

Reviewed by: The Jello Emperor


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